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Getting The Hang Of This Atheism Thing

August 2, 2008

See, when I lived back home, I didn’t really have a worldview even though I was outwardly religious. For one, I was religious in the ways I was only because I had to be. I would basically nod in agreement (I know, it was conforming, and I shouldn’t have done it but I’m not now, so..) but still, the rest of the time, I lived and thought like my own person. My inner life was an atheist’s inner life, as I was free to explore whatever I wanted within the safety of my own mind. I can’t stress the importance of this in the deconverting process.

The last book I read was Dawkins’ The God Delusion, and I can even start to see how so many of the arguments that used to sound persuasive when I believed religion in the phony way I did are actually not that good of arguments. Eventually, I know I want to push further into philosophy and writing as I continue school here in San Francisco. For now, the blog will be mostly shorter posts, just sort of rants or ramblings, but I do intend to post what would be considered “more formal essays” as time goes along. From then, maybe the blog can get some commenters, but until then, I just need to practice the discipline of sitting down and writing.