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My Thoughts On The Flying Spaghetti Monster

September 17, 2008

I remember I laughed really hard when I first heard of the “FSM.” Although theists whine about it, the argument itself is strong: we don’t believe in monsters made of spaghetti that can fly because the idea is absurd and there’s absolutely no evidence for it. Well, it follows that if there’s absolutely no evidence for God – the Bible doesn’t count as “evidence,” folks – then we shouldn’t believe in God, either. And this is coming from someone who went to church, who would say “yes mom, I understand the evidence for God” with a straight face. Although I really doubt my mother whom I love and adorn would a) ever find this blog and read it, let alone b) realize it was me writing it, I have to be honest here.

Point is, until believers can bring actual evidence to the table, at least even some theoretical stuff like scientists can bring for quarks, there is no reason to give theism any more credence than monsters made of spaghetti that can fly. Hear me now!