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Science – It Works, Bitches!

October 9, 2008

You might notice that’s what my avatar says, I think it’s hilarious. How badly I wanted to blurt that out time and time again in our “apologetics” courses that came and went at church. To be honest, I study and read probably more philosophy than science, but even back then I knew enough science  to know that what “Pastor Lucas” was telling me had problems. He would always try to exploit whatever difficulty scientists were encountering at those times, as evidence for God. You know. God of the Gaps, as I found out it’s called. It was always something like, “Well, evolution can’t be true because, because, because..” where “because, because, because” amounted to some of the most outdated arguments I’ve heard. How is it possible to argue against natural selection? Might as well deny cogito, ergo sum

Anyways, I just got back from the bar, and the point of our little rant this month is that science works. It might not be perfect, it’s not always right, but it works, and better yet, it can correct itself.