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My First Atheist Thanksgiving

November 24, 2008

Well, the holidays are upon us full swing, but what’s notably absent from mine are most if not all of the bells and whistles that would normally accompany this time when I lived back home in the midwest. What a breath of fresh air for those smothered by religion to experience the holidays in the multi-ideological mecca that is San Francisco! 

Still though, when it comes to experiencing the holidays, the fact that I’m now an “out” atheist doesn’t replace the feelings I’d have when the whole family was together – even if it was for the wrong reasons. Actually, I guess there’s really never a “wrong” reason for family to get together, but what I’m saying is that on one hand, yeah, I’m glad to have cast off religion’s shackles. On the other side, I miss my family – all their crazy faults and personality defects aside. Sure, I’ve made new friends here, but if there is one area where religion seems far more effective than atheism, I’d say it’s in promoting solidarity. Don’t get me wrong. I realize that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of religions, and none of them are what I would call “in solidarity” with each other. What I mean is, small-town Christian communities where the people are really just down-to-Earth, good-hearted people.. there’s something to be said for that. Yes, religion is a fart lingering around the ass of progress that needs to be excused, but as atheists, we need something similar to what religion has – only without the dogma and anti-intellectual trappings.