Science Center in Golden Gate Park

July 15, 2009

This is just a quick advice: if you come here, fuck pier 39. It’s a tourist trap that’ll suck you dry, and there are far better places to git yer clam chowder, people!!

The new science center costs $25 bucks, but go on a Monday, preferably not over summer when we went, because there’s two billion kids. It’s well worth the money. The planetarium show is awesome and breathtaking, the aquariums alone took 3 hours to traverse, the live penguin feeding simply has to be experienced, and the 3-D bug show makes IMAX look like Beta.

Really, though, go to newly remodeled science center in Golden Gate Park and bring yer creationist friends!


One Response to “Science Center in Golden Gate Park”

  1. Lawncare Jake Says:

    I’d say you are correct about the “go when kids are in school” advice. We went during the summer as well, when visiting the inlaws in San Francisco earlier this month, and man… kids running around unchecked all over the place. Slapping their grubby little palms on the aquariums, playing with the carbon footprint exhibit like some sort of toy.. it was pretty bad.

    All in all though, such an excellent place to go, and yes, for only $25, definitely worth a visit.

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