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Best Video Ever

August 23, 2009

I came across this video while scanning YouTube. Insane. Below the fold.

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The Way I’m Doing This

August 17, 2009

I’m still trying to full develop my personal “blogging style” if you will; as of right now, the only real “non-negotiables” would be that I’m going to rant mostly about atheism and religion, that I’ll definitely be cussing when I do it. I’ve contained myself for so many hours in church that I feel like I’d be encouraging cancer by not getting those negative emotions out of my body.

As I cruise the blogs around the internet that are devoted to atheism and religion, even there I find quite the variety. Some are more philosophical and long, drawn-0ut “heady pieces” which for some reason I enjoy reading in print, but not so much online. I tend to like and get the most from shorter, punchier posts. I’m also lazy and don’t like to type that much, so I think shorter posts will likely be the norm here.

One thing though, is that when I started the blog, it was to release the steam that had built up with my midwest religious culture. Now that that’s starting to dissolve some, what to do? What direction to focus? I’m not one of those atheist blog writers that’s going to change the world; at least, that’s not what I’m going for at all, right now. I guess what I’m really interested in is having a place to 1) express what I’ve not expressed for years, and 2) have a place to bounce ideas off others. The few commenters that have stopped by have proven helpful, so I leave you with a “thank you” and hope to get more feedback.

The Burden of Proof: Don’t You Get It?!

August 9, 2009

I often notice that theists and God-believers like to flip the question back at the atheists: “Oh yeah? Well you can’t prove God isn’t real.” It’s funny, that they think this is some kind of “gotcha” or “a-ha” moment. I mean, who walks out into the street based on the idea that we can’t prove to a car isn’t coming, right? Instead, we look for evidence of a car. If there’s none, we cross the street. It’s that simple.

If the best we can say about our beliefs is that we can’t prove them wrong, is that really saying that much at all?

Can You Really Blame Him?

August 1, 2009

So, I had just finished importing all 19 of my posts from the past year into this nifty new WordPress software (that happened to eat all 7 comments, somehow… sorry Lawncare Jake and sammy, my only two guests so far!) when I overheard the barrista ask another coffee shop employee: “Did you hear about that 7-year-old in Utah who hopped in his parents car and took off to get out of church?

I almost spit coffee and espresso straight out  my nose. I immediately checked YouTube, and this is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen this year. At the end, the kid gets out and bolts like lightning for his front door. I wonder what the pursuing officer thought?? If you haven’t seen it  yet, here is the footage of Preston Scarbrough, the 7-year-old Utah boy who hopped in his parents’ car and successfully drove home, because he “didn’t want to be at church.” Anyone want to place a bet that Preston will be an atheist by the time he’s 10? Is church in Utah really that untolerable?

Here is what Preston told the Today Show..

(I was) grounded to my room for four days, no TV, no video games.

All I have to say is, I hope my son can drive that well by the time he’s seven!