September 11, 2009

I remember it was early in the morning. My buddy called, and said, “They’re attacking us!” I had no idea what or who he meant, I just turned on the TV, and that’s when I saw.

I don’t wanna commoditize this day and get all emotional or preachy like the rest of ’em, I just wanna remark that everybody’s got their own agenda even still to this day. I just remember the horror and the scenes of people jumping. I’m not gonna blame it all on religion like some are willing to do, for those involved bear responsibility (I’m not one of those strict determinists yet). On the other side of that coin, any dumbass who wants to say religion isn’t dangerous or can’t be used wrongly is crazy. Just look at 9/11. I mean, scientists have disagreements and stuff, but do they go around bombing “rival” universities and killing innocent people? OF COURSE NOT!

But, not to rant too hard here, I don’t want to be cliche about it. Other ranters better than I have ranted about 9/11 plenty before, it’s just that I had a discussion with a neighbor who lived near there and worked grooming dogs near ground zero. He told me some crazy stories. Stuff about nightmares and other high trauma type incident stuff. It’s stuff none of us need to share or see again, and stuff we can all avoid if we can just learn to relax and coexist a bit. I know, that sounds cliche too, but it’s true. Smoke weed! Chill out!


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