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Gearing Up For The “Holy” Days

October 30, 2009

Well, today marks the first day I saw blatant advertisement of Christmas goods in a store. Although by no means is this nearly as offending as the onslaught which begins sometimes in late July in the midwest. What I noticed last year was that here, there are many different religions and cultures and races and ethnicities all sort of smashed into one place. Personally, I tend to like that better than the “uniformity of ideas” that describes the midwest pretty much to a ‘t’. It’s more inspiring, and I feel less like an outcast because there’s more than just “one thing” on the table.

This year, again I’ll be going home for Christmas, but at least now I’m a voluntary visitor of my family’s religion, as opposed to being involuntarily exposed to  it and ostracized for thinking differently. Next year, I really want to work something out so that I can see how other people celebrate the holidays – I’ve seen “Christmas” for years, and it never seems to change. Lots of food and money spent on people who typically aren’t in need.


They Did WHAT?

October 22, 2009

So I just heard that Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron will be publishing some version of Darwin’s Origin of Species by Natural Selection with some sort of creationist disclaimer? Is this true? Tell me that’s not true, and that I don’t actually live in a country where even science has to bow down to religion? Oh wait – it’s me, Randall, and I’m right here in America. 

This is sad. Now, I’m definitely not one of those atheists who thinks that evolution can neatly explain everything. I don’t buy the idea that everything just suddenly came into existence from nothing for no reason, and I do think that sometimes people like Comfort make a point that is valid or worthy of hearing. They also say some pretty stupid things, like that last bit about the crocoduck or whatever it was. Somewhere we’ve got to draw the line.

I guess much of it really also depends on what the disclaimer is actually going to say. Will it deny or reject currently held facts? Or is it going to be something more like a disclaimer meant only to remind people they can look to “intelligent design” or some such stuff? Either way, I gotta get a copy. If I do I can do a follow-up post; that would be kinda cool.

Some Things Make You Say, “Huh?”

October 14, 2009

Alright, let me get this out of the way right up front: I’m not that into politics, and I’m not no WASP sympathizer. I voted for Obama; who wouldn’t have when given McCain? Thing is, I’m not that much of a “political party” type of guy. They seem like tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum to me, if ya know what I mean. Here’s my point, my rant for today:

Why the fuck did Obama get a Nobel Peace Prize? For crying out loud, the damn country he represents is in the middle of bloody war! Soldiers likely died while that very award was being given. Doesn’t anyone think this is weird or ironic or HYPOCRITICAL? To repeat myself, I’m not hating on Obama. I tried to share these ideas with a friend the other day, and they looked at me like I’d commited blasphemy. I’m not hating on Obama. I’m just saying, I really don’t see that much of his promises have materialized in the year since he’s been president, but hey it’s only been a year. What really gets me is the president of a country at war accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. That seems.. I dunno.. weird?

No offense to the man who was clearly the better choice and made history, and who seems like a down-to-Earth and level headed leader, but can we really give the Nobel to the leader of a country at war? Is there a parallel to the Bushie? Something like an Obamite?

Book Recommendation: Way Of The Peaceful Warrior

October 7, 2009

A good book gives me the same feeling as a good road trip: it lets me escape and process the new input. Too often, too easy, the day can become too humdrum. Not so with a good book!

I know, I know.. the title sounds like some cheesy Zen movie or something, but get over it. The book itself was written by a guy named Dan Millman, and for someone like myself who doesn’t really connect with that “mystical” or “spiritual” side of life, this book, which would technically be classified as a “New Age” or “spiritual” book, is actually pretty damn inspiring. It kept me walking around with that “fresh” feeling where it seems like I’m looking at life through different glasses, maybe even no glasses at all. I won’t give too much away other than that it’s the story of a kid with an inner longing for a mentor. The kid is a perfect description of the real-life kid who’s lured towards religion. I know because I’ve been that kid! But, check it out and enjoy the story of “Socrates.”

There are a few more books in this series, and I might as well check them out. Even a movie! (they’ve got movies at the library here) Like I said, I’m not necessarily the “religious” or “spiritual” type, but I can kind of vibe out on these ideas of consciousness or other “selves” even if we’re talking more about something like a useful metaphor. The ideas make sense and you don’t have to accept any particular dogma to believe them. If you have any good books, I’m all ears for a suggestion.