Gearing Up For The “Holy” Days

October 30, 2009

Well, today marks the first day I saw blatant advertisement of Christmas goods in a store. Although by no means is this nearly as offending as the onslaught which begins sometimes in late July in the midwest. What I noticed last year was that here, there are many different religions and cultures and races and ethnicities all sort of smashed into one place. Personally, I tend to like that better than the “uniformity of ideas” that describes the midwest pretty much to a ‘t’. It’s more inspiring, and I feel less like an outcast because there’s more than just “one thing” on the table.

This year, again I’ll be going home for Christmas, but at least now I’m a voluntary visitor of my family’s religion, as opposed to being involuntarily exposed to  it and ostracized for thinking differently. Next year, I really want to work something out so that I can see how other people celebrate the holidays – I’ve seen “Christmas” for years, and it never seems to change. Lots of food and money spent on people who typically aren’t in need.


One Response to “Gearing Up For The “Holy” Days”

  1. Lawncare Jake Says:

    You around anymore? Que paso??

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