How Come So Many of us are Total Dicks?

March 28, 2010

Alright I said I had some rants brewing so here goes a short one. By ^us^ I mean ^atheists^ and that’s the question for today. This time I don’t wanna link to any examples or let comments because I don’t want more bullshit from other atheists crampin up my style. All the time (ok not all the time but often) I see atheists acting like total dicks and it makes me want to reach through the net and slap ’em. Not all of us, but enough of us. The difference between how we talk in class and how some of these mofuckers talk on the internet is night and day. I think if an atheist or anyone else can’t make their case intelligently without a bunch of fucking shit-talk, that’s fucked. FUCKED, I say!

I think this phenom is like road rage, pussies who take out their problems when they otherwise wouldn’t. The road rager says and does shit they wouldn’t do standing in the line at the goddamned 7-11. Same with us. Lots of atheists are computer nerds hands down (not me I get out). Maybe they raise up once and again in response to frustration, like the road rager, living vicariously through a persona shielded by the distance between them and their victim.

I don’t know, but fuck if that’s the case then go start a fight with someone at the bar and get it out that way. At least that way you keep your philosophy clean and don’t look like a pussy making insults through protective glass.

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