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Some Disturbing News

September 4, 2009

American Idiocy Rates

I came across this image while doing a Google image search for “creationists.” It caught my attention before it depressed me thoroughly. I think one of my biggest gripes against religion is that it so often turns a blind eye to anything not in the official cover story. I remember having WAY TOO MANY discussions with my dad about the whole “biology and the Bible” thing. My dad is not an idiot; he’s an engineer, yet a YEC, and that’s one thing that made it so hard: I know he’s not an idiot. To be honest, sometimes I think he looks at himself as some sort of maverick.

The point is, what’s the point of education if nobody wants to listen?

(the image originally appeared on Pharyngula)


Why The Cosmological Argument Doesn't Work

April 20, 2009

At my church back home they used to be really into whoever the current apologetic champion of the moment was. I remember at one point this included such fabulous thinkers as Rush Limbaugh and Ted Haggard, but let’s not shoot fish in a barrel.

William Lane Craig has been on or near the top of that pile for a long time now. As Common Sense Atheism points out (they have a huge archive of WLC debates and articles, BTW, the host is quite thorough), he’s been doing this since high school and is really a masterbater- er, uh… master debater.

Anyways, all the various versions of the cosmological argument seem fatally flawed to me. Either way, we must start with something we can’t really justify other than to posit, and that’s something that existed for eternity. Since nobody I know wants to argue that something can come from nothing, it seems there’s no way around this. Either God always existed, or non-conscious matter/energy always existed.

WLC would have us believe we should believe it was God, but if we’re going to grant WLC the premise that God can exist forever, doesn’t he also have to grant us the premise that matter/energy can exist forever? After all, it’s a fundamental law of thermodynamics that matter cannot be created or destroyed, so we even have a rational foundation for the claim that matter/energy always existed. Of course, it’s also true that modern understandings of physics literally disintegrate by Planck Time, so it’s probably not nearly as easy as I posit, but I think the bottom line is that cosmological arguments just don’t work.

If God can exist forever, so can matter/energy.

God Shaped Vacuum?

February 19, 2009

One of the things I used to hear time and time again at church is that the human heart has a God-shaped vacuum. Okay. I understand what Christians mean when they say this, which is basically that their argument is humans were created for worship and all that stuff, right? Well, what’s the evidence for this?

We can look around and see that, yes, people that don’t worship God worship all sorts of other things: money, power, prestige, fame, etc. etc. But what does that mean? What kind of argument is that? After all, people who worship God also worship all sorts of other things, for example church status.

In reality, that people tend to consume themselves with some object of devotion is no argument for Christianity. Now that I’m not religious, I don’t feel a God-shaped vacuum. I actually just feel like, well… I just feel like I’m not religious anymore, and breathing a bit easier.