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Happy New Year

January 4, 2010

Okay, okay… I admit it. I totally disappeared over the holidays. Not that anyone seemed to mind, as a whopping ^two comments^ have amassed in that time. I get an average of one comment a month! Yippee! The truth is, school and that end of the year fiasco most Americans call Christmas demanded more time than I can give to blogging. Sucks, ‘cuz I was getting pretty close to meeting my one-post-per-week average.

So, today’s post is just to usher in the New Year, and to re-establish some regularity to this incontinent piece of shit I call a blog. That said, I don’t have much of anything ^real^ or ^important^ to talk about. I’m just glad New Year isn’t draped in the same religio-political whore’s outfit as Christmas. I could tell you about how I went back home and had the same exact argument I had with my religious parents last year. Or, I could tell you about how a particular altar girl / pastor’s daughter we’ll call “Sarah” is now the town cokewhore, but we already know religion’s mouth tends to write checks its ass can’t cash.

I would also like to acknowledge the new commenter who managed to stop by while I was slugging it out with finals: baysailor. Hi baysailor! Turns out we’re in the same neck of the woods!

And yes, Jake, I’m still here.


Book Recommendation: Way Of The Peaceful Warrior

October 7, 2009

A good book gives me the same feeling as a good road trip: it lets me escape and process the new input. Too often, too easy, the day can become too humdrum. Not so with a good book!

I know, I know.. the title sounds like some cheesy Zen movie or something, but get over it. The book itself was written by a guy named Dan Millman, and for someone like myself who doesn’t really connect with that “mystical” or “spiritual” side of life, this book, which would technically be classified as a “New Age” or “spiritual” book, is actually pretty damn inspiring. It kept me walking around with that “fresh” feeling where it seems like I’m looking at life through different glasses, maybe even no glasses at all. I won’t give too much away other than that it’s the story of a kid with an inner longing for a mentor. The kid is a perfect description of the real-life kid who’s lured towards religion. I know because I’ve been that kid! But, check it out and enjoy the story of “Socrates.”

There are a few more books in this series, and I might as well check them out. Even a movie! (they’ve got movies at the library here) Like I said, I’m not necessarily the “religious” or “spiritual” type, but I can kind of vibe out on these ideas of consciousness or other “selves” even if we’re talking more about something like a useful metaphor. The ideas make sense and you don’t have to accept any particular dogma to believe them. If you have any good books, I’m all ears for a suggestion.

Some Disturbing News

September 4, 2009

American Idiocy Rates

I came across this image while doing a Google image search for “creationists.” It caught my attention before it depressed me thoroughly. I think one of my biggest gripes against religion is that it so often turns a blind eye to anything not in the official cover story. I remember having WAY TOO MANY discussions with my dad about the whole “biology and the Bible” thing. My dad is not an idiot; he’s an engineer, yet a YEC, and that’s one thing that made it so hard: I know he’s not an idiot. To be honest, sometimes I think he looks at himself as some sort of maverick.

The point is, what’s the point of education if nobody wants to listen?

(the image originally appeared on Pharyngula)