Some Things Make You Say, “Huh?”

October 14, 2009

Alright, let me get this out of the way right up front: I’m not that into politics, and I’m not no WASP sympathizer. I voted for Obama; who wouldn’t have when given McCain? Thing is, I’m not that much of a “political party” type of guy. They seem like tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum to me, if ya know what I mean. Here’s my point, my rant for today:

Why the fuck did Obama get a Nobel Peace Prize? For crying out loud, the damn country he represents is in the middle of bloody war! Soldiers likely died while that very award was being given. Doesn’t anyone think this is weird or ironic or HYPOCRITICAL? To repeat myself, I’m not hating on Obama. I tried to share these ideas with a friend the other day, and they looked at me like I’d commited blasphemy. I’m not hating on Obama. I’m just saying, I really don’t see that much of his promises have materialized in the year since he’s been president, but hey it’s only been a year. What really gets me is the president of a country at war accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. That seems.. I dunno.. weird?

No offense to the man who was clearly the better choice and made history, and who seems like a down-to-Earth and level headed leader, but can we really give the Nobel to the leader of a country at war? Is there a parallel to the Bushie? Something like an Obamite?


Book Recommendation: Way Of The Peaceful Warrior

October 7, 2009

A good book gives me the same feeling as a good road trip: it lets me escape and process the new input. Too often, too easy, the day can become too humdrum. Not so with a good book!

I know, I know.. the title sounds like some cheesy Zen movie or something, but get over it. The book itself was written by a guy named Dan Millman, and for someone like myself who doesn’t really connect with that “mystical” or “spiritual” side of life, this book, which would technically be classified as a “New Age” or “spiritual” book, is actually pretty damn inspiring. It kept me walking around with that “fresh” feeling where it seems like I’m looking at life through different glasses, maybe even no glasses at all. I won’t give too much away other than that it’s the story of a kid with an inner longing for a mentor. The kid is a perfect description of the real-life kid who’s lured towards religion. I know because I’ve been that kid! But, check it out and enjoy the story of “Socrates.”

There are a few more books in this series, and I might as well check them out. Even a movie! (they’ve got movies at the library here) Like I said, I’m not necessarily the “religious” or “spiritual” type, but I can kind of vibe out on these ideas of consciousness or other “selves” even if we’re talking more about something like a useful metaphor. The ideas make sense and you don’t have to accept any particular dogma to believe them. If you have any good books, I’m all ears for a suggestion.

The Thing That Actually Started Me Towards Atheism

September 25, 2009

It wasn’t some long, drawn out series of events, but rather something simple: I got knocked out, and I had no recollection of anything whatsoever. I know that sounds strange or maybe like a cop-out, but that’s the deal in a nutshell. I remember thinking, “Wow, I really can be ‘just dead'” and it was quite a new but perplexing thought.

So, it wasn’t that getting knocked out made me an atheist, not at all what I’m saying. What it did was get me thinking about a whole range of possibilities I refused to explore previously to this incident. I never really thought about much of what they were teaching in church; just kind of went through the motions, tried to make sure my mom and dad were happy, and that everything was cool. When dad or uncle “Elmo” (not his real name) would start going on too much about religion, well, I’d get deeper into video games. So what that means is, I didn’t get no real time thinking about death and stuff. I just swept it under the rug and tried to not shake the boat. Now, as I get older, I feel like yelling a big “Fuck you” to that.

I was raised religious, I just don’t feel like a spiritual person at all. Every day seems kinda mundane to me, but I don’t mean that as in, “I think life sucks and I have no hope.” I also don’t think less of my parents or brothers and sisters because they keep on being religious. They’re the same to me; I love ’em the same anyways. Their socks still stink.

One Thing I Don’t Get: Friggen Hypocrites!

September 19, 2009

One Thing I Don't Get

Religious people sometimes hold themselves to the most absurd of double standards. Take for example the fact we see religious signs literally all over the place, especially in the midwest, yet now all the religious people are going to piss and moan about this sign or that from the FFRF? (By the way, when I start making some good money, I think I’d like to join an organization like that, one that supports freedom of thought).

Seriously I mean we’re supposed to tolerate who knows how many crosses and Holy Virgins and whatever the fuck else (Oh my mom would freak if she knew it was me that typed that one), and now those who are religious can’t have any sort of representation? Taxation, but no representation? Make the money equal then damnit!

Sadly, it’s going to get to the point where nobody’s allowed to express anything because somebody will be offended by something anybody says regardless of anybody!!


September 11, 2009

I remember it was early in the morning. My buddy called, and said, “They’re attacking us!” I had no idea what or who he meant, I just turned on the TV, and that’s when I saw.

I don’t wanna commoditize this day and get all emotional or preachy like the rest of ’em, I just wanna remark that everybody’s got their own agenda even still to this day. I just remember the horror and the scenes of people jumping. I’m not gonna blame it all on religion like some are willing to do, for those involved bear responsibility (I’m not one of those strict determinists yet). On the other side of that coin, any dumbass who wants to say religion isn’t dangerous or can’t be used wrongly is crazy. Just look at 9/11. I mean, scientists have disagreements and stuff, but do they go around bombing “rival” universities and killing innocent people? OF COURSE NOT!

But, not to rant too hard here, I don’t want to be cliche about it. Other ranters better than I have ranted about 9/11 plenty before, it’s just that I had a discussion with a neighbor who lived near there and worked grooming dogs near ground zero. He told me some crazy stories. Stuff about nightmares and other high trauma type incident stuff. It’s stuff none of us need to share or see again, and stuff we can all avoid if we can just learn to relax and coexist a bit. I know, that sounds cliche too, but it’s true. Smoke weed! Chill out!

Some Disturbing News

September 4, 2009

American Idiocy Rates

I came across this image while doing a Google image search for “creationists.” It caught my attention before it depressed me thoroughly. I think one of my biggest gripes against religion is that it so often turns a blind eye to anything not in the official cover story. I remember having WAY TOO MANY discussions with my dad about the whole “biology and the Bible” thing. My dad is not an idiot; he’s an engineer, yet a YEC, and that’s one thing that made it so hard: I know he’s not an idiot. To be honest, sometimes I think he looks at himself as some sort of maverick.

The point is, what’s the point of education if nobody wants to listen?

(the image originally appeared on Pharyngula)

Best Video Ever

August 23, 2009

I came across this video while scanning YouTube. Insane. Below the fold.

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The Way I’m Doing This

August 17, 2009

I’m still trying to full develop my personal “blogging style” if you will; as of right now, the only real “non-negotiables” would be that I’m going to rant mostly about atheism and religion, that I’ll definitely be cussing when I do it. I’ve contained myself for so many hours in church that I feel like I’d be encouraging cancer by not getting those negative emotions out of my body.

As I cruise the blogs around the internet that are devoted to atheism and religion, even there I find quite the variety. Some are more philosophical and long, drawn-0ut “heady pieces” which for some reason I enjoy reading in print, but not so much online. I tend to like and get the most from shorter, punchier posts. I’m also lazy and don’t like to type that much, so I think shorter posts will likely be the norm here.

One thing though, is that when I started the blog, it was to release the steam that had built up with my midwest religious culture. Now that that’s starting to dissolve some, what to do? What direction to focus? I’m not one of those atheist blog writers that’s going to change the world; at least, that’s not what I’m going for at all, right now. I guess what I’m really interested in is having a place to 1) express what I’ve not expressed for years, and 2) have a place to bounce ideas off others. The few commenters that have stopped by have proven helpful, so I leave you with a “thank you” and hope to get more feedback.

The Burden of Proof: Don’t You Get It?!

August 9, 2009

I often notice that theists and God-believers like to flip the question back at the atheists: “Oh yeah? Well you can’t prove God isn’t real.” It’s funny, that they think this is some kind of “gotcha” or “a-ha” moment. I mean, who walks out into the street based on the idea that we can’t prove to a car isn’t coming, right? Instead, we look for evidence of a car. If there’s none, we cross the street. It’s that simple.

If the best we can say about our beliefs is that we can’t prove them wrong, is that really saying that much at all?

Can You Really Blame Him?

August 1, 2009

So, I had just finished importing all 19 of my posts from the past year into this nifty new WordPress software (that happened to eat all 7 comments, somehow… sorry Lawncare Jake and sammy, my only two guests so far!) when I overheard the barrista ask another coffee shop employee: “Did you hear about that 7-year-old in Utah who hopped in his parents car and took off to get out of church?

I almost spit coffee and espresso straight out  my nose. I immediately checked YouTube, and this is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen this year. At the end, the kid gets out and bolts like lightning for his front door. I wonder what the pursuing officer thought?? If you haven’t seen it  yet, here is the footage of Preston Scarbrough, the 7-year-old Utah boy who hopped in his parents’ car and successfully drove home, because he “didn’t want to be at church.” Anyone want to place a bet that Preston will be an atheist by the time he’s 10? Is church in Utah really that untolerable?

Here is what Preston told the Today Show..

(I was) grounded to my room for four days, no TV, no video games.

All I have to say is, I hope my son can drive that well by the time he’s seven!